Why Refinery29’s Content Marketing works for Millennials

Everyone and their mother wants to own Refinery29, a top fashion site with a minimalist aesthetic, but what intrigues me more is their controversial content marketing. I take risks in my writing, but these articles make me feel like a prude, and I can’t get enough.




Titles like,” Why Vacation Sex Is So Important,” might not sound risqué unless you know their audience as intimately as I do. Yes, I am a millennial and I started using Botox when I was 26. Hint: we are already spending our disposable income trying to feel less old.

We are a Socially Conservative generation.

Women my age really don’t feel sexy. We feel like our kid’s traveling napkin; our a$$ isn’t K$sha’s; and the problem is we are biologically older than our parents were at this age: #30isthenew45. You people “marketing” us are older men who see us as attractive whereas we see ourselves as pre-mature grandmas. Get the contradiction?

This is why I am writing a book on millennials; it shouldn’t be controversial for Refinery29 to write about what everyone does: don’t make me say it, I’m a millennial, lol. (Intercourse.) I am thinking here like an old man not a millennial when I say it should be perfectly normal for grown-ups to talk about sex, but instead it’s gross and awkward for our millennial generation. Keep that in mind with your content marketing! 

The point of this post is that Refinery29 is written by people who know my generation is kinda uncomfortable talking about sex, but they broke that barrier and got away with it by writing articles that feel like an actual conversation. I’m not a stereotype with them. The best kind of millennial branding is Refinery29 branding. I say this because it feels like we are actual friends.

Yes, I already broke my self-imposed rule of only blogging 1x a week. See you…soon.

2 thoughts on “Why Refinery29’s Content Marketing works for Millennials

  1. This is true, Refinery29’s content marketing can work quite well for millennial branding.


  2. You have taught me something new, I had not heard of Refinery29 until reading your post. I do agree with you that we as adults and even teens should be allowed to feel as if we are discussing any other mundane topic when discussing sex.
    A lot of writers I know are simply scared of writing about it because of Google Adsense’s TOS. I say they should find other ways of earning if they are wanting to discuss sex and feel stifled.


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