80/20 Rule applied to Social Hashtags

Digital Content Strategy should be audience-based: your hashtag strategies should also vary according to your project and goal. Digiday recently posted on why companies like Chobani purposefully overuse the #hashtag on Instagram. If you are posting for a millennial brand, I advise being very liberal with hashtags unless you are targeting a subgroup within Generation Millennial like Style Influencers or Journalists who see hashtag over-use as potentially déclassé. Consider using the 80/20 rule with hashtag overuse on Instagram

Remember that hashtag overuse on Twitter is significantly less cool.

I posted this Instaglam pic of me having dinner with my cat, and was lenient with my hashtag use because I am actively growing my brand on Instagram; I reach out to Style Influencers on Instagram through honestly commenting on their posts, and I am less concerned about the 20% of them who might actually notice the fact that I even use hashtags.

Please share your take on hashtag overuse, and enjoy your day!


5 thoughts on “80/20 Rule applied to Social Hashtags

  1. Overuse distracts from the message that is actually trying to be communicated. To much makes it hard to decipher the true intent of the message because I’m trying to figure out what all the tags mean and if they have any real relevance to the message itself.

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    1. I completely agree that hashtag overuse CAN be distracting but is totally dependent on the platform! Thank you for the comment, btw. 🙂 So, like I said in my post hashtag overuse on Twitter is really lame but Instagram hashtag overuse is something you can get away with more easily assuming you have a good sense of who your audience actually is…again, thank you for the comment. I love having smart people like you actually reading my blog. Hope you have a great day!


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