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Yesterday, I went to a Content Marketing Conference hosted by Bloomberg. I was so unbelievably excited because Ted Rubin invited me; he’s a Marketing Celebrity. He also makes a great living helping folks market better whereas my income right now is zero; he didn’t have to invite me and he did. I was humbled by his kind gesture.

I met incredible people at the conference, and was completely blown away by a dude named B. Bonin Bough. He’s one of the best public speakers, ever, and his marketing cred is impressive: he was behind the OREO TV spot pitting Cookie vs. Creme. I saw a better version of myself in him and I hope that doesn’t sound arrogant. He explained a very cool concept that he created called, “hack-on-o-my.”

B. Bonin Bough is a pretty impressive person.

I also took a lot away from Kurt Heinlein who is the Director of Communications, Global Markets, at AT&T. My understanding of Kurt is that he’s very smart and he doesn’t say anything unless it’s true. I loved the way AT&T decided to use marketing as a means of customer empowerment. They created an amazing campaign around a multicultural hashtag. They are forward-thinking enough to realize that no one really cares about a brand. Kurt decided to give customers what we want: a glimpse of our inner selves. As it should be, right?

And, in case you were wondering, Ted Rubin is charming and charismatic. I really enjoyed the way he looked us all in the eye, which is what he advocates doing digitally.

There were great moments, and well-planned presentations. I had heard of Wix, but Eric Mason is a dynamic speaker. Now, because of him, I truly respect Wix. Same goes for Deb Radcliff from West Marine.

Here is my emotional takeaway.

The best part of going to Brand Innovators was meeting really great people. However, the second best part: a feeling of connection.

There are times when everyone feels like a fool, right? We question our life choices, and even the people in our lives. What gets me through that is writing; I’m confident that the one thing I’ll always have in life is a brain. But hearing people speak at this marketing conference, it momentarily made me feel less alone, which is pretty profound for a “conference.” I’m thankful to all of them for that.

Sidenote: I usually post on Sundays, but am posting this one on a Friday instead. Naughty, I know.

Ted Rubin and I at the Brand Innovators conference. Fun stuff,
Ted Rubin and I at the Brand Innovators conference. Fun stuff.

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  1. Ted is the best! And Bonin is so fun to chat with! Brand Innovator events are always worthwhile! Looks like you had a good time! Hope we can meet at the next one! Tillie


  2. Hi. Your aunt, Leslie, sent me your blog – she’s a big fan, and I can see why. Fun to see you here – last time we were together, you were a young girl who played with my daughter, Nadine, at church. How time flies! I have a blog, roughwighting, and love the writing, the sharing of writing with other bloggers, and the confidence I’ve gained. You’re right, writing helps us get through the hard times, and celebrate the good times. I may be a bit foolish, sharing all in my writing, but I don’t care!


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