Four Great Social Apps

You know the drill, the quicker you jump on the next big thing, the easier (and cheaper) it is to build your brand. So, you might be asking, what are the four social apps poised to overtake Twitter? Where the Media Elite Meet Cute was launched as a paid subscription service in 2012, but this year released a free version of their membership. When Tech heavyweight VentureBeat said in May 2014 that is dying they didn’t foresee the potential value of’s app within an app called Alpha.

Alpha is an open-source blogging application (an app within that has the potential to crush Twitter. Alpha feels a lot like Twitter, but with a streamlined interface and design. Unlike Twitter where you subscribe to other users, the Alpha app gives users the option to subscribe to broadcasts (posts) in a subject area (channel) such as Bitcoin Breaking News.

This is where is genius: anyone can create a media channel. Now, think of all the ways you can organically sell and position your brand at no cost!

Right now, the users on are Tech Influencers. If you work in Tech or Marketing, the people you want to meet are virtually socializing here. If you do a decent job of writing your content in Alpha, you can position yourself as a Social Influencer too.

INSTAGRAM.COM: Style Influencers Still Love it

Video and picture-sharing apps are hot and especially useful for marketing your brand’s visual potential. Even though it’s not new, Style Influencers have such a big Instagram presence, that companies like Fohr Card use the platform to find potential bloggers to represent their clients’ brands.

Facebook is putting a lot of money into visual apps like Slingshot, which launched this June. Slingshot lets users spontaneously “sling” a photo or a video back to a sender in order to view messages. Slingshot is a competitor to the picture-sharing SnapChat app, but unlike SnapChat, has the potential to create spontaneous engagement because “slinging” can’t be automated. Naysayers of these new Social Apps should remember that before Instagram became valued at a billion, they were just a lowly camera effects app.

WhatsApp and BuzzFeed

WhatsApp is a free messaging service, which is currently difficult for brands to use, but because of its huge following and $19 billion value, it still needs to be on your social radar.

On the other hand, BuzzFeed feels like a Hollywood gossip magazine’s take on the micro-blogging app Alpha of BuzzFeed Is currently the best place for starting a viral campaign. The moderators do an excellent job of keeping out spam and therefore creating a user-driven news service that’s really fun to read.

These four social apps are the potential successors to Twitter. The next generation of Social Influencers are already branding themselves through them. Go join them, NOW. 

#Rihanna understands how to work her #audience. Now, it's time for you to do the same by #optimizing your #Social.
#Rihanna understands how to work her #audience. Now, it’s time for you to do the same by #optimizing your #Social.

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