Why Authentic Content Doesn’t Really Matter

I keep reading silly tweets about how risky content marketing sells as if risk-taking were formulaic and easy. It is not easy taking an actual risk because it means potentially losing everything.

No one really wants to hear your truth…whether “you” are a brand or a person. When I think about successful content marketing, whatever that means, I think of Katy Perry. Yes, it sounds ridiculous, yet, she is a pop singer and her content (a mix of talent and good looks) makes a fortune. The reason I think of Katy Perry as content is because her look, style and sound are carefully constructed. In every video, her breasts look perky, her hair is impeccable and her music never ends on a sad note. I like Katy Perry because despite all the planning her voice sounds real. It just takes the work of a lot of smart marketing-type people to construct her “authentic” sound.

I am a little down this week…gotten a few too many rejection letters. But, in the process I got a nice compliment on my writing from an editor at The New York Post. I also finished the first draft of my book and a good friend offered to edit it. His act of kindness totally made my week…do you notice how I am mimicking Katy Perry right now trying to end my blog post on a un-sad note?

I guess what I am trying to say is that authenticity is often said to be the most important factor when it comes to writing good sh*t. However, my depressing outlook is that authenticity only sells when it’s carefully packaged.


Say what?

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