Using Instagram’s New Time Lapse App

Not only is Instagram the best virtual place to spy on style-makers, their new app, Hyperlapse, steps up their game even more. Why? Now, anyone can make MTV-like time lapse videos for free. This is huge. Or, in the words of Wired Magazine, “Hyperlapse, Instagam’s New App, is like a $15,000 Video Setup in Your Hand.”

Hyperlapse is beyond easy. Your five-year-old could probably figure it out in ten minutes.

Here’s how it works.

After downloading the app, you can use it to a take video and then speed up that video up to 12x the normal speed. If you are a shaky videographer like me, Hyperlapse is also helpful with its’ stabilization feature. After you edit your video, Hyperlapse allows you to post your video on Instagram or Facebook by clicking a button. Presto! Now, you can easily post videos that make something as simple as your kids’ ballet recital look really cool. Or, if you want to check out some great videos other people have already made using Hyperlapse, and get some inspiration for your own, this Mashable round-up is pretty cool.


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