What should Reddit Censor?

It’s 8:35 PM on a Sunday night. My daughters’ are supposed to be sleeping but I can hear the occasional giggle through the wall. I don’t know what to do so I end up on Twitter reading a tweet that’s lyrical like slam poetry about censorship on Reddit.

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 9.19.26 PM

Censorship has been a big issue on these user-generated content sites…remember those leaked celebrity photos last week? Now, Reddit is banning content from something called The Fappening.

Truthfully, I might have a double standard regarding censorship. I try to write what frightens me, especially in my book, but really limit what I let myself see. I don’t want other peoples’ creepy lingering in my head. Therefore, I know it sounds horribly oppressive, but I want mainstream sites like Reddit to self-censor. There will always be a place for ‘deviant art’ if you want to be kind and call The Fappening that, and for really bigoted thoughts, but putting them in a mainstream site so isn’t cool. 

Yes, the Internet makes us all feel like we’ve had a Whiskey Sour but sans the 170 calories. We all just want to be seen but freedom requires structure. Personally, I suck at structure but I am just an eccentric blogger not a ‘trusted source’ like Reddit.

When mainstream sites allow ethically questionable material it’s passively like saying those images are legit…now, I am going to dream up a way to shock people with my blog. I’m just a lone voice, so I can do that.


Say what?

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