6 Things I Learned at W3C20

The internet turned 25-years-old on October 29th 2014 and to celebrate it’s anniversary the founder of the internet, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, hosted a symposium about the Future of the Web. I attended the event as a SAHM trying to get ideas for my blog. Despite being an outsider in a male-dominated technical crowd, I felt […]

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Brand Innovators

Yesterday, I went to a Content Marketing Conference hosted by Bloomberg. I was so unbelievably excited because Ted Rubin invited me; he’s a Marketing Celebrity. He also makes a great living helping folks market better whereas my income right now is zero; he didn’t have to invite me and he did. I was humbled by his […]

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Sorry, Data is not News!

Are bloggers ever not snarky? Yes, but only when they’re self-righteous academics. Today, I read a post bashing Vox and FiveThirtyEight for not being data-driven. Leave it to an over-educated man like Alberto Cairo to teach us common folk, shucks, why write when we can just read numbers? Well, Alberto it’s a pleasure to virtually meet you…but […]

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Don Tishman on Marketing

I cut my marketing teeth working for one of the most influential Real Estate Developers on the planet. Don Tishman revolutionized low-income housing by consciously bringing value through design, amenities and location. Growing up in the Bronx during the Great Depression, he saw some unpleasant things, and worked very hard to help folks grow up […]

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