Learning #Ferguson via Twitter

When I started seeing #Ferguson all over Twitter, before the two reporters were even arrested, I felt compelled to speak. Yet, I don’t live in Missouri and I blog on digital media not politics. Initially, I couldn’t see how sharing my opinion would help anyone other than possibly myself.   Yet, non-traditional sources are shaping the […]

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Four Great Social Apps

You know the drill, the quicker you jump on the next big thing, the easier (and cheaper) it is to build your brand. So, you might be asking, what are the four social apps poised to overtake Twitter? App.net: Where the Media Elite Meet Cute App.net was launched as a paid subscription service in 2012, […]

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Brand Innovators

Yesterday, I went to a Content Marketing Conference hosted by Bloomberg. I was so unbelievably excited because Ted Rubin invited me; he’s a Marketing Celebrity. He also makes a great living helping folks market better whereas my income right now is zero; he didn’t have to invite me and he did. I was humbled by his […]

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Social is the Revolution

Social media is at a crossroads. Today, the Federal Reserve Chief, in the words of Mashable, “poured water on social media valuations,” and that’s not the worst part of social media’s problem. There are legitimate digital marketers (deemed so by Forbes) who refuse to be associated with the word social. Yes, the outlook for social […]

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80/20 Rule applied to Social Hashtags

Digital Content Strategy should be audience-based: your hashtag strategies should also vary according to your project and goal. Digiday recently posted on why companies like Chobani purposefully overuse the #hashtag on Instagram. If you are posting for a millennial brand, I advise being very liberal with hashtags unless you are targeting a subgroup within Generation Millennial like […]

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Sorry, Data is not News!

Are bloggers ever not snarky? Yes, but only when they’re self-righteous academics. Today, I read a post bashing Vox and FiveThirtyEight for not being data-driven. Leave it to an over-educated man like Alberto Cairo to teach us common folk, shucks, why write when we can just read numbers? Well, Alberto it’s a pleasure to virtually meet you…but […]

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