Watch the Tim Ferriss of Vine Take Down An Ad Agency

Tim Ferriss is an entrepreneur who dreams big, thinks outside the box and is extraordinarily disciplined. He’s also good-looking enough to be on Baywatch and charismatic. And if he were a “Vine Star” he’d be Jerome Jarre.

Mr. Jarre is offered $1 million from an advertising agency for a one-year stint before turning them down in this video.

I feel really bad for the advertising agency which the 24-year-old completely exploited. Ethics aside, the video couldn’t be better self-promotion.

We all have much to learn from Jerome Jarre including me.

Watch the video.

3 thoughts on “Watch the Tim Ferriss of Vine Take Down An Ad Agency

  1. What a great video! Can I ask why you feel bad for the advertising agency? I’m not tryin to be rude or anything, but he never mentioned their name and it appears to me he very respectfully declined. He made a really great point about living for himself, instead of giving his life to an ad agency for a year.. For an amount of money that will barely keep you afloat in New York City for that amount of time. I think even they knew they were reaching hahaha


    1. You are right. He took great lengths to conceal their company’s name but I imagine they must now be considered a bit of a joke in their industry. Also, I think ethically it’s a bit hazy filming folks without their permission. But he’s brilliant and I love the video, too. Thanks for checking out my post…I hope you have a fabulous day. 🙂


      1. Oh I definitely have to agree, with both points haha I personally think it’s super creepy filming someone without their knowledge.I really enjoy your posts and look forward to more!


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