6 Things I Learned at W3C20

The internet turned 25-years-old on October 29th 2014 and to celebrate it’s anniversary the founder of the internet, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, hosted a symposium about the Future of the Web. I attended the event as a SAHM trying to get ideas for my blog. Despite being an outsider in a male-dominated technical crowd, I felt […]

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Social is the Revolution

Social media is at a crossroads. Today, the Federal Reserve Chief, in the words of Mashable, “poured water on social media valuations,” and that’s not the worst part of social media’s problem. There are legitimate digital marketers (deemed so by Forbes) who refuse to be associated with the word social. Yes, the outlook for social […]

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What should Reddit Censor?

It’s 8:35 PM on a Sunday night. My daughters’ are supposed to be sleeping but I can hear the occasional giggle through the wall. I don’t know what to do so I end up on Twitter reading a tweet that’s lyrical like slam poetry about censorship on Reddit. Censorship has been a big issue on […]

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Why Canva’s DIY Design Tools Matter

Since Steve Jobs started making money off good design at Apple, more people are starting realize that good design matters, because they equate good design with making money. I love pretty things but, unfortunately, my technical design skills are lacking. Therefore, I was super excited when I stumbled upon an innovative new company called Canva which […]

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8 Viners You Need to Follow, NOW.

Everyone in Social Media knows Vine, Twitter’s six-second video platform, is kinda a big deal yet it’s pretty evasive. First of all, figuring out what to share in only six seconds isn’t easy. The best vines are either voyeuristic as in the viewer experiences something pretty cool, or, are MTV-style glossy videos.   You will […]

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