Guest Posting Opportunity: Open Letters Campaign

If you ever wanted to write a guest post, here’s your chance! Please read on for more information about the Open Letters Campaign on my other blog, Love Letters to Spam.


Everyone has a story. Now, it’s time for your story to be told via an Open Letter to Anyone. Yes, I want you to write a steamy love letter to your… Or, write an apology to yourself for your biggest mistake.

If you don’t know who to write to then open your junk folder and respond to an e-mail that makes you feel something with a letter. But the letter’s have to be incredibly honest and if you don’t want your name published, that’s cool too.

Submission Guidelines for Open Letter Campaign

  • All submissions should be sent via e-mail to victoria (dot) kamerzell (at)
  • Letter should be short-ish as in under 1,200 words.
  • Be honest and push yourself to write something that scares you.
  • Sorry, I can’t accept every letter but my favorites will be published on my blog, “Love Letters to Spam.” Open Letters Campaign will begin in January 2015 but I’m accepting letter entries now.
Send me your letters.


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