Don Tishman on Marketing

I cut my marketing teeth working for one of the most influential Real Estate Developers on the planet. Don Tishman revolutionized low-income housing by consciously bringing value through design, amenities and location. Growing up in the Bronx during the Great Depression, he saw some unpleasant things, and worked very hard to help folks grow up differently.

Don Tishman is my late father, and my first marketing teacher.

The first marketing lesson he gave me was when I was six or seven. Our favorite game was Who Is this Ad Targeting? The purpose was to identify the advertiser and targeted market before the commercial would end. This exercise was designed to show me that everyone is selling something, and how to break down the method(s) used to convey the message. I followed all of his advice, and loved being brought to meetings with Senators and Presidential candidates when I was a teenager. Thank you Ted Rubin for the moving post about your late dad; reminds me of the love I still have for mine, and how much I’ve learned from my first marketing teacher. Writing my first book is actually bringing me closer to my dad, even when he is not here.


5 thoughts on “Don Tishman on Marketing

  1. Thanks for the mention Victoria, so glad it sparked memories for you. means a great deal knowing that 🙂


    1. Thank you very much Ted. Sometimes, the most unexpected things prompt a memory, at least for me. I really respect your work and seeing someone I respect dealing with the same loss was moving in a visceral way. If you ever come to San Fran let me know. I used to live on West 57th, New York is a great place. Nice to meet you.


  2. It is great to know that you have learned so many things from your father.

    There is no doubt that kids tend to follow the footsteps of their fathers, it seems like you are no different.


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