8 Viners You Need to Follow, NOW.

Everyone in Social Media knows Vine, Twitter’s six-second video platform, is kinda a big deal yet it’s pretty evasive. First of all, figuring out what to share in only six seconds isn’t easy. The best vines are either voyeuristic as in the viewer experiences something pretty cool, or, are MTV-style glossy videos.


You will notice must of the Viners I list here specialize in comedy, a genre that gets a ton of re-vines. I think Vine is a great place to hear the most-talented, young comedians the same way years ago folks in Chicago went Second City to laugh with young stars like John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd and Gilda Radner.


Here are the eight (funny) Viners you need to follow, now!

  1. BatDad. He is the Batman-clad father many men aspire to be and his relationship with his son is not only funny but moving.
  1. Jerry Purpdrank. His humor is undeniably relatable and like a lot of other successful Viners, he often makes fun of what ties us together, social media.
  1. Meghan McCarthy. Arguably the most likable person on Vine, not to mention one of the funniest…She also does a great job with her paid endorsements, and I promise you no one paid me to say that. I just find her fascinating from a marketing perspective.
  1. Lele Pons. She is the most commercial Viner and her videos are an amazing mix of self-depricating humor, professional-quality editing and just plain cool. I have a feeling this lady has a big career ahead of her.
  1. The Gabbie Show Like Lele Pons, her weapon is inappropriate and self-depricating humor that just works.

    6-7. Curtis Lepore. The vine-ing world is somewhat incestuous. Check out this funny guy along with Brittany Furlan and other star viners who frequently contribute to his silly antics.

  1. DeStorm Power was born to make music like the improvisational kind he shares in his vines.


I mean Twitter's Vine, not Sherry VIne, silly! ;-)
I mean Twitter’s Vine, not Sherry VIne, silly! 😉

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