On building my personal brand

What led me to starting this blog was an intangible feeling that I could somehow learn how to live a better life, and even crazier, help other people do that too. I define “30 Is The New 45” as an urgency to live better. We all have friends who look twice their age, look fabulous on LinkedIn yet are miserable. I started this blog because I am angry at myself for wasting part of my life trying to make other people happy without considering what I actually want out of my life. This is #30isthenew45.


But, how do you build a feeling into a brand?

How do I market my brand without losing myself?

What is the real goal of 30 Is The New 45?

The answers vary but the feeling lingers, which complicates my brand. What causes me stress is realizing that my narrative is part of this story. I don’t really like being a stay-at-home mom. My children bring me the most joy but I dislike the motherhood culture. I love the idea of working because people judging me shouldn’t affect my kids. Here, I always make myself smaller so other moms don’t get jealous or offended by me and, in turn, possibly tell their kids that mine are different. The reason I am talking about this is because I can’t be honest about my brand without being honest about what I feel.

I am not going to pretend to own the answers, but I ask good questions. My brand is evolving and I hope you like it. There are going to be some controversial videos, and this is the first one.


6 thoughts on “On building my personal brand

  1. Great piost Victoria! It takes a lot of guts to admit staying at home with kids isn’t what you like. Especially in the mompetition environment that is part of our society.


  2. Was there a video my browser blocked? Love your post and love you!!!

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