Content Marketing via Hannah Montana

“I’m in love with a girl and her name’s Miley.” Hannah Montona. Achy Breaky Heart: Season Two, Episode Nine. (2007)
Miley Cyrus was destined to be a star, and so was her hit Disney show which paired risky-sounding dialog with fairly conservative content. Even if she wasn’t Billy Ray Cyrus’ daughter, Miley Cyrus could be a star by exuding authenticity with edge. I really love the way her television series pairs her “edge” with fairly non-edgy plots. For instance, her fictional dad (played, of course, by her real one) lets her date another teenage but waits up to make sure she doesn’t kiss him. Because good teenagers don’t ever kiss, right?
The show works on multiple levels; viewers fall deeper in love with the real Miley (branding) because she’s playing a likable version of herself. Simply put a line like, “Weirdo, say what?” doesn’t sound like it was written by a Fortune 500 corporation. As dorky as it may sound I teach myself “content marketing” by analyzing content that makes real money. My favorite teacher is the Disney brand. It’s also my favorite by default because my six-year-old controls our Netflix remote.
Not quite Hannah Montana anymore...
Not quite Hannah Montana anymore…

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